About Emma

Emma Merkas is a hopeless romantic (and, to be quite honest, a bit of a flirt). So it’s no wonder she writes (obsesses) about all things love, dating, sex, marriage and relationships.

Her love-career can be characterized in two words: Serial Monogamy, from when she first started dating in high school, right up until today.

Between long-term love-jobs, there were also periods of singledom and dating. Blind dates, bad dates, ambush dates, party pashes… she’s done it all.

Yes, long-term relationships and Emma go together like tequila and lemon… She’s one of the anomalies that looks worse when she’s single, not better (Evidenced by stacking on 15 pounds and getting a terrible haircut off the back of her last break up).

But now – (Hallelujah, her waistline and follicles are thanking her for it) – she is a newlywed.

Emma works with her husband Denis, on a suite of businesses developed especially for couples. There is $30 Date Night, The Melt List (currently in Beta but still awesome) and Make Your Partner Melt couples massage classes.

It was her addiction to tummy-butterflies that inspired these businesses. Namely, how to help couples keep them.

Seeing as so much of the interwebs is dedicated to finding love, her sites fill the gap when it comes to keeping love, and to keeping love alive.

And it was all the long hours spent reading Enid Blyton and Anne of Green Gables as a child that drove her to write. It was either that, or become a librarian (nerd much?).

Emma has a weekly column in major Australian newspaper, mX. How Was It For You? covers all things dating and relationships and runs every Friday on the Flirt page, reaching over 700,000 readers. Her $30 Date Night blog is updated regularly with date ideas and love musings, and she has guest written for stacks of great websites such as AskMen.com, Shine.com and Mamamia.com.au.

You’re more than welcome to contact Emma for any of your writing or speaking needs. She swears she won’t bite.